Alabama Steel Guitar Association Pioneer Award

Hi. My name is Kimberly Simmons and I would like to say a few words about my father, Bob.

Bob Simmons has been playing steel guitar for close to 50 years. He built his first pedal steel in 1963 and started playing with west coast bands, then Vegas, and eventually we moved to Nashville. He has played and recorded with a multitude of artists: Wynn Stewart, Ferlin Huskey, Wayne Kemp, Liz and Lynn Anderson, Billy Joe Spears and Warner Mack, just to name a few. He really knows how these things are supposed to word and sound. He has played the Grand Ole Opry with several top name artists.

He worked at Music City Manufacturing (Sho~Bud) for several years and while working on the road, he was a representative for such companies as Sho~Bud, Dekley, Miller Custom and Marlen.

He has also worked as a designer for AMPEG & Lockheed Aircraft and has a thorough understanding of mechanical engineering.